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FHA Loans in Houston

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FHA loans have given millions of people the opportunity to buy their very first home.

Are you in the market to buy a home but just don’t have (or don’t want to) put 20% down?

Do you maybe have less-than-perfect credit and are just looking around for answers and a way to qualify with less hassles?

Is it your first time buying a home and have tons of questions and just don’t really know where to start?

Whether you are looking to simply learn more about how much you can get approved for a new home or needing to refinance out of your high interest rate loan, you have come to the right place –

We understand how important it is to make your home affordable with low rates, give you more than enough options when buying or refinancing, as well as being your tour guide through the maze of FHA financing which is why we are the leading experts in Houston on the FHA loan program.

What is the FHA Loan Program?

An FHA loan is a type of mortgage loan that is insured against default by the Federal Housing Administration (otherwise known as FHA).

Back in the 1930′s during The Great Depression, the FHA loan was created by the government (Department of Housing and Urban Development) to stimulate the housing market make buying a home affordable again.

Since then, FHA loans have been the cornerstone of the American Dream by allowing lower down payments, better fixed rates, and easier qualifying standards.

what is an fha loan
Knowing how an FHA loan works in regards to guidelines and requirements can help you get approved quicker and get better rates.

Houston FHA insured mortgages are actually one of the best types of mortgage loans available in today’s real estate market because they allow more people to have an opportunity to buy. You can even use the FHA 203k loan program for fixing up homes as well!

Here’s a video that explains FHA mortgages in 2024 and how they work:

Benefits of an FHA Loan

FHA Loans are:

  • Easier to Qualify For – because these types of loans are backed by the federal government, FHA approved lenders are usually more likely to approve you.
  • Lower Down Payment – FHA mortgages in Houston only require a 3.5% down-payment which makes it easier for people to have an opportunity to buy a home. In addition to that, the down payment can even come in the form of a gift from a family member or relative.
  • Lower Credit Borrowers Qualify – because FHA loans are backed by the government, this opens up a lot of doors for individuals that may not have the best credit, but still want to take advantage.
  • Lower Mortgage Insurance – since putting down a small down payment, your mortgage insurance is minimal.
  • Better Interest Rates – since the Federal Housing Administration insures these loans against default creating less risk to lenders, FHA loans will usually have better mortgage rates than most other types of loans in the market.

When it comes to FHA financing, we are your Houston FHA Home Loan experts providing FHA loans in Houston and all throughout Texas.

We offer highly competitive 30 and 15 Year FHA interest rates and incredibly competitive closing costs when it comes to your home loan in Houston – hands down.

How do we do this?

By Offering You Highly Competitive FHA Rates in Houston
Because we have exclusively specialized in FHA loans for so many years, we have developed reputable investor relationships in order to give save you even more money.
By Giving You FREE, Expert FHA Advice
Buying a home or refinancing a home can be a confusing maze at times. Rest assured that your FHA loan is in good hands and we’ll help guide you in the right direction when you need us most.
By Speeding Up Your Loan Process
With in-house underwriters, streamlined processing, and proprietary e-sign technology, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that systems are in place to get you closed and funded in time.

Our experienced FHA loan experts:

  • Work directly with FHA-Endorsed Banks;
  • Have longstanding investor relationships that provide a wide variety of FHA financing options;
  • Use streamlined,  paperless loan processes with e-Sign technology;
  • Efficiently combine in-house processing, underwriting, closing and funding under the same roof to ensure maximum accuracy and reliability.

You can also read some more of our reviews and see what other happy clients are saying.


How to Qualify with an FHA Home Loan Lender

fha home loan houston tx

FHA loan requirements can vary with each FHA mortgage lender.
  • With a down payment of only 3.5%, which makes FHA loans ideal for homebuyers who don’t have enough capital to save for a larger down payment.
  • Steady employment history
  • Verifiable income (pay stubs, W-2s, federal tax returns, bank returns)

By selecting an Houston Approved FHA Lender to help with homeownership, you can rest assured that your expectations can be met when purchasing a home, as we understand how stressful it can be.

Credit Scores for Texas FHA Loans

Unlike conventional loans, the credit score requirements with mortgage lenders are much more lenient, as there is no minimum credit score. As of 2024, you can get approved with a lower credit score down to a 580 FICO score, and in some situations, can go even lower depending on extenuating circumstances.

Regardless of your situation, we help you so that can approved.

First-Time Homebuyers

The purchase of your first home can be overwhelming, and you need some solid home buyer advice. The good news is that we’re here to help you every step of the way when buying your primary residence.

First, let’s talk about homebuyer education.

  • Know your credit score and credit history before applying for a mortgage. You can get a free copy of your credit report from all three credit bureaus at
  • Start saving early for a down payment and closing costs. The National Association of REALTORS® suggests saving at least $3,000 for a down payment and $2,000 for closing costs.
  • Consider whether you want to buy a home now or later. If you’re not sure, now is the time to talk to a real estate professional about your current financial situation and whether or not buying is right for you right now.
  • Don’t get discouraged if your credit score isn’t great. There are mortgage products available for borrowers with scores as low as 500.

Then, let’s talk about owning your home:

  • Pay down debts and improve your credit score before you start shopping for a mortgage.
  • Don’t increase your debt load when you start shopping for a mortgage.
  • Don’t buy more house than you can afford. If you can only afford a $200,000 home, don’t apply for a $250,000 mortgage. You’re more likely to default when your loan payment is too much for you to handle financially.
  • Consider buying an existing home rather than new construction —you may have to pay higher closing costs, but you may be able to negotiate a better price on an existing home.
  • Talk with a real estate professional before writing up your offer.

Texas FHA Mortgage Loan Refinance

fha refinance houston tx

Another great way to use FHA to lower your mortgage payment is to refinance your home with FHA.

FHA refinances are also very popular among home-owners who were initially placed in a high interest rate sub-prime loan, but since rates have dropped, several borrowers are flocking FHA to lock in a lower rate, regardless of the type of home loan or loan amount that they have.

We provide you the latest in financial tools that will enable you to make smart and money saving choices by providing you up-to-date interest rates and loan breakdowns so you can learn about your options, including an FHA Streamline refinance.

Texas FHA Loan Limits for 2024

The FHA loan limit for Houston, TX on a single family home is $420,680.

Depending on where you are looking for homes, the loan amount you can borrow is based on the loan limits of each county.

You can also check the full list of  FHA Mortgage Loan Limits in Texas as well as what’s needed to qualify when applying for your FHA loan.

ANDERSON COUNTYPALESTINE, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
ANDREWS COUNTYANDREWS, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
ANGELINA COUNTYLUFKIN, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
ARANSAS COUNTYROCKPORT, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
ARCHER COUNTYWICHITA FALLS, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
ARMSTRONG COUNTYAMARILLO, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
ATASCOSA COUNTYSAN ANTONIO-NEW BRAUNFELS, TX$449,650$575,600$695,800$864,700
BAILEY COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
BANDERA COUNTYSAN ANTONIO-NEW BRAUNFELS, TX$449,650$575,600$695,800$864,700
BAYLOR COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
BEE COUNTYBEEVILLE, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
BELL COUNTYKILLEEN-TEMPLE, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
BEXAR COUNTYSAN ANTONIO-NEW BRAUNFELS, TX$449,650$575,600$695,800$864,700
BLANCO COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
BORDEN COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
BOSQUE COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
BOWIE COUNTYTEXARKANA, TX-AR$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
BRAZOS COUNTYCOLLEGE STATION-BRYAN, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
BREWSTER COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
BRISCOE COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
BROOKS COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
BROWN COUNTYBROWNWOOD, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
BURLESON COUNTYCOLLEGE STATION-BRYAN, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
BURNET COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
CALHOUN COUNTYPORT LAVACA, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
CALLAHAN COUNTYABILENE, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
CAMERON COUNTYBROWNSVILLE-HARLINGEN, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
CAMP COUNTYMOUNT PLEASANT, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
CARSON COUNTYAMARILLO, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
CASS COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
CASTRO COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
CHEROKEE COUNTYJACKSONVILLE, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
CHILDRESS COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
CLAY COUNTYWICHITA FALLS, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
COCHRAN COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
COKE COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
COLEMAN COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
COLLIN COUNTYDALLAS-FORT WORTH-ARLINGTON, TX$450,800$577,100$697,600$866,950
COLLINGSWORTH COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
COLORADO COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
COMAL COUNTYSAN ANTONIO-NEW BRAUNFELS, TX$449,650$575,600$695,800$864,700
COMANCHE COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
CONCHO COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
COOKE COUNTYGAINESVILLE, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
CORYELL COUNTYKILLEEN-TEMPLE, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
MCCULLOCH COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
MENARD COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
MILAM COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
PARMER COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
PECOS COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
SWISHER COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
TERRELL COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
THROCKMORTON COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
BELL COUNTYKILLEEN-TEMPLE, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
BOWIE COUNTYTEXARKANA, TX-AR$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
BROOKS COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
BROWN COUNTYBROWNWOOD, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
CALLAHAN COUNTYABILENE, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
COKE COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
CULBERSON COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
DEAF SMITH COUNTYHEREFORD, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
DIMMIT COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
DONLEY COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
GAINES COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
HARDIN COUNTYBEAUMONT-PORT ARTHUR, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
HARRISON COUNTYLONGVIEW, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
HENDERSON COUNTYATHENS, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
JACK COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
JEFF DAVIS COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
JEFFERSON COUNTYBEAUMONT-PORT ARTHUR, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
JONES COUNTYABILENE, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
LAVACA COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
MIDLAND COUNTYMIDLAND, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
NUECES COUNTYCORPUS CHRISTI, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
REAL COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
REEVES COUNTYPECOS, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
ROBERTSON COUNTYCOLLEGE STATION-BRYAN, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
SAN JACINTO COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
TAYLOR COUNTYABILENE, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
TITUS COUNTYMOUNT PLEASANT, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
WHEELER COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
BAILEY COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
BEXAR COUNTYSAN ANTONIO-NEW BRAUNFELS, TX$449,650$575,600$695,800$864,700
BRAZOS COUNTYCOLLEGE STATION-BRYAN, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
BRISCOE COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
BURNET COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
COMAL COUNTYSAN ANTONIO-NEW BRAUNFELS, TX$449,650$575,600$695,800$864,700
COMANCHE COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
CROCKETT COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
DICKENS COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
DUVAL COUNTYALICE, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
ECTOR COUNTYODESSA, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
EDWARDS COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
EL PASO COUNTYEL PASO, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
FRANKLIN COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
GARZA COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
GRIMES COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
HAYS COUNTYAUSTIN-ROUND ROCK-GEORGETOWN, TX$483,000$618,300$747,400$928,850
HOUSTON COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
IRION COUNTYSAN ANGELO, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
JACKSON COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
KINNEY COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
LLANO COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
MCLENNAN COUNTYWACO, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
MARION COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
MASON COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
MAVERICK COUNTYEAGLE PASS, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
MORRIS COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
MOTLEY COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
OCHILTREE COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
ORANGE COUNTYBEAUMONT-PORT ARTHUR, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
PANOLA COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
ROBERTS COUNTYPAMPA, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
SHELBY COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
TOM GREEN COUNTYSAN ANGELO, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
TYLER COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
UPTON COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
VAL VERDE COUNTYDEL RIO, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
WALKER COUNTYHUNTSVILLE, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
WILSON COUNTYSAN ANTONIO-NEW BRAUNFELS, TX$449,650$575,600$695,800$864,700
WOOD COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
ANDERSON COUNTYPALESTINE, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
ANGELINA COUNTYLUFKIN, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
ARCHER COUNTYWICHITA FALLS, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
BOSQUE COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
CALHOUN COUNTYPORT LAVACA, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
CASTRO COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
CLAY COUNTYWICHITA FALLS, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
COCHRAN COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
COLORADO COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
CORYELL COUNTYKILLEEN-TEMPLE, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
GLASSCOCK COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
GRAY COUNTYPAMPA, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
HALE COUNTYPLAINVIEW, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
HALL COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
HOWARD COUNTYBIG SPRING, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
KENDALL COUNTYSAN ANTONIO-NEW BRAUNFELS, TX$449,650$575,600$695,800$864,700
KNOX COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
LA SALLE COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
MILLS COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
MITCHELL COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
MOORE COUNTYDUMAS, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
NOLAN COUNTYSWEETWATER, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
PARKER COUNTYDALLAS-FORT WORTH-ARLINGTON, TX$450,800$577,100$697,600$866,950
REAGAN COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
SAN AUGUSTINE COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
SAN SABA COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
TERRY COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
TRINITY COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
WICHITA COUNTYWICHITA FALLS, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
ARMSTRONG COUNTYAMARILLO, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
BREWSTER COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
COOKE COUNTYGAINESVILLE, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
CROSBY COUNTYLUBBOCK, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
ERATH COUNTYSTEPHENVILLE, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
FRIO COUNTYPEARSALL, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
GONZALES COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
HARDEMAN COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
HUTCHINSON COUNTYBORGER, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
KARNES COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
LIMESTONE COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
LIVE OAK COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
LOVING COUNTYPECOS, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
LUBBOCK COUNTYLUBBOCK, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
MADISON COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
MARTIN COUNTYMIDLAND, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
MATAGORDA COUNTYBAY CITY, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
MEDINA COUNTYSAN ANTONIO-NEW BRAUNFELS, TX$449,650$575,600$695,800$864,700
MONTAGUE COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
NACOGDOCHES COUNTYNACOGDOCHES, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
RUNNELS COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
SOMERVELL COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
STEPHENS COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
STONEWALL COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
UPSHUR COUNTYLONGVIEW, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
UVALDE COUNTYUVALDE, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
VAN ZANDT COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
WARD COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
YOAKUM COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
YOUNG COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
ZAVALA COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
CAMP COUNTYMOUNT PLEASANT, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
CASS COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
CHILDRESS COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
COLLIN COUNTYDALLAS-FORT WORTH-ARLINGTON, TX$450,800$577,100$697,600$866,950
CRANE COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
DELTA COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
FANNIN COUNTYBONHAM, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
FISHER COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
GILLESPIE COUNTYFREDERICKSBURG, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
GRAYSON COUNTYSHERMAN-DENISON, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
HAMILTON COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
HANSFORD COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
HARTLEY COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
HOCKLEY COUNTYLEVELLAND, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
HOOD COUNTYGRANBURY, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
HUDSPETH COUNTYEL PASO, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
HUNT COUNTYDALLAS-FORT WORTH-ARLINGTON, TX$450,800$577,100$697,600$866,950
KENEDY COUNTYKINGSVILLE, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
KENT COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
KLEBERG COUNTYKINGSVILLE, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
LAMAR COUNTYPARIS, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
LAMPASAS COUNTYKILLEEN-TEMPLE, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
LYNN COUNTYLUBBOCK, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
MCMULLEN COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
NAVARRO COUNTYCORSICANA, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
PALO PINTO COUNTYMINERAL WELLS, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
POLK COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
PRESIDIO COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
RANDALL COUNTYAMARILLO, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
RED RIVER COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
SABINE COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
SHACKELFORD COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
STARR COUNTYRIO GRANDE CITY-ROMA, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
STERLING COUNTYSAN ANGELO, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
WILBARGER COUNTYVERNON, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
WISE COUNTYDALLAS-FORT WORTH-ARLINGTON, TX$450,800$577,100$697,600$866,950
BANDERA COUNTYSAN ANTONIO-NEW BRAUNFELS, TX$449,650$575,600$695,800$864,700
BAYLOR COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
BORDEN COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
BURLESON COUNTYCOLLEGE STATION-BRYAN, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
CAMERON COUNTYBROWNSVILLE-HARLINGEN, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
CARSON COUNTYAMARILLO, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
DALLAM COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
DEWITT COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
FAYETTE COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
HEMPHILL COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
HILL COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
JIM WELLS COUNTYALICE, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
NEWTON COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
RAINS COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
SCHLEICHER COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
SCURRY COUNTYSNYDER, TX$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150
WINKLER COUNTYNON-METRO$420,680$538,650$651,050$809,150

Frequently Asked Questions

How do FHA loan rates compare to other available options?

Generally, FHA financing has lower rates that all other mortgage loan programs.

Does FHA lend the money or do lenders?

Many people believe that the FHA (Federal Housing Administration) is a company that lends the money, however FHA is a government organization that insures the loan while FHA approved lenders like us are the ones that lend the money.

If a loan defaults, FHA will step in and pay and because of this, mortgage lenders are more willing to lend.

They simply set all the basic rules when determining what they are willing to insure, and as such, there is always a lot of confusion when it comes to FHA requirements.

While the FHA sets the basic minimum FHA guidelines of what types of loans they are willing to insure, FHA lenders will sometimes put in place an added layer of security which is called an “overlay”. This simply means that even though FHA has their minimum guideline, lenders will add their own in addition to it.

Why do they do this?

Because of what happened a few years ago during the mortgage crisis, lenders basically want to cover themselves in case of a default, so they take any extra measures to insure that the borrower is within their risk threshold as well as keeping their default rates low, because this effects more than you may think.

Let’s take a look at an example:

FHA Loan Scenario

Let’s say there’s an FHA lender (we’ll call them “Lender A”) that has really loose guidelines and is lending out money to borrowers that should be “borderline” approved.

By this, we mean they’re approving loans for people that have extremely low credit scores and obvious signs that they haven’t kept up with their finances.

Well, if those “risky” borrowers end up going into foreclosure (or default), FHA needs to step in to pay those claims since they are insuring the loan.

Each time this happens, FHA makes a note on the lender that issues the loan because the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) gives all FHA lenders their very own “credit grade”.

They routinely monitor each specific lender’s FHA loan performance, and if they are consistently paying out claims because Lender A is approving and issuing sketchy loans, there’s a very good chance that either the lender will be cut off from making FHA loans altogether or possibly have their “cost” to make FHA loans go up due to Lender A’s higher risk.

After all, FHA isn’t in the “check cutting” business. They are in the making homes affordable business.

Imagine what can happen if hundreds or even thousands of FHA-approved mortgage companies begin to issue marginal FHA loans..

Not only does it get very expensive for FHA to continue paying the claims and put them in a position to go out of business (yes, they need to make money), but more importantly, it gets more expensive for everyone that’s involved in the process.

Nobody wins.

Loosey Goosey Guidelines + High FHA Claims = Higher Costs/Less Options for Everyone

At the end of the day, it’s all a balancing act.

While there are some lenders that are extremely strict, there are also others that will give you a loan as long as you have a heartbeat.

Our approach is that we look for ways to approve your loan in every way imaginable, and if we can’t, we’ll put together a game-plan to help you eventually get to where you need to be.

As your local Houston FHA Lender, we just want to make sure that your situation makes sense and your mortgage needs are met.

Whether you’re trying to determine if you qualify or if you’re interested in finding out what kind of documentation you’ll need to ultimately get started on your loan, we can provide you the information you’re looking for.

Additionally we’re more than happy to take your phone calls so feel free to get in touch.

Get Started

We encourage everyone to check out their options, even if they have challenged credit. We look forward to answering all your questions and are here for you every step of the way and serve several areas around Houston.

Take a few seconds and check your FHA eligibility below – it is 100% FREE and takes less than 30 seconds.

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